Hello to all crypto enthusiasts


Markets are recovering little by little. The Fiats won back a bit, although compared with a 10% drop, these drops are not yet significant. The reason for the collapse on the face: coronavirus and stopped production launched the flywheel of falling oil demand, and not the signed agreement with OPEC + collapsed the cost. Indices and markets have already jumped into the pit along the chain. After a day of trading, the situation began to improve, although late to the situation due to the holidays Russia needs at least a couple more days.

In the cryptocurrency direction, no significant improvement has been observed so far. It's not about a drop in confidence in the industry or lack of faith in halving. And even active deterrence has not yet been observed: judging by the glass of applications, everyone took a break. The reason for the transition to flat instead of an active correction is the desire of market participants to weld fiat first. After the failure, they will clearly grow up and this movement will be fast and true. And since there are more profitable niches, cryptocurrencies can wait.

The growth is likely to begin no earlier than next week, and before it begins we are waiting for a sluggish correction or a sideways trend with an upward trend.