Signals for Binance


Signals for Binance

 The Binance website is one of the three most common exchange in the world. Last year, the Internet platform left behind many industry leaders. Сontrary the fact that the company is registered in Switzerland, the exchange included in the property of several Shanghai firms. Average daily trading volume reaches $ 3 billion. The resource is deservedly considered an analogue of the powerful cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. However, there are many differences between Binance and Bittrex.

 Binance Coin (BNB) is a "money substitute" - a digital token. It was developed with the aim of providing better deals on the exchange market. Due to the presence of BNB tokens on the account of the exchange, the bidder pays not so much transaction fee. Referral payments are also provided.

What are the Binans signals for?

 Signals Binans — non-disclosed official information about the exchange rate changes of a particular asset. Market innovations and top stories always influence the dynamics. These indicators are useful for  newbies and experienced traders. Monitoring presented indicators allows you to stay abreast of developments in the market. The use of signals will help to sell cryptocurrency efficiently. However, even making a profit is still not guaranteed. It is worth understanding. First you need to develop a specific action plan and comply with it. It is important to consider the following rules governing risk management:

  • to invest in transactions whose reliability is in doubt, 1% maximum is acceptable;
  • the weighted average for a single transaction is 2-5% of the total account;
  • if there are guarantees in the profitability of the transaction, the volume of a one-time investment should not exceed 10% of the deposit.

How to work with Binance signals?

 The price, favorable to purchase, is denoted by the term Buy. For profit fixation, the used designation Target. It is the value that is profitable for sale. Traders recommend selling the maximum amount of coins at the price of Target 1. The rest of the share is better to apply at its own discretion, or not at all.

 When the signals of the Binans Exchange indicate a negative trend, it is necessary to refrain from conducting transactions until the situation normalizes. Spontaneous selling at a loss only hurts. When the price reaches the Stop-loss mark, it is recommended to close the deal to prevent large financial losses.

 Unlike most services that deliver cryptocurrency signals, the owners of the Binance website do not require a monthly or yearly subscription from the bidders. You only need to pay for alerts that have brought profits above 5%. According to the manager's statement, the accuracy of the signals for BNB is from 70%. The system can be very finely tuned, including the number of signals per day.