Who we are and what we do

Space Signals is a project created by a team of professional crypto trading experts who are part of the founders of the successful @SpacePumping Telegram cryptocurrency news channel with more than 20,000 participants.

Space Signals service works as follows

  • 1. Every day we collect exclusive news and insiders from several dozen reliable paid signal sources.
  • 2. We analyze the received information, and weed out improbable forecasts.
  • 3. We send it to our users in a private Telegram chat.
  • 4. Based on our instructions, traders conclude transactions on exchanges, subsequently bringing them profit with a probability of 75%.
Space Signals subscribers receive from 3 signals per day, depending on the current market situation. Each such signal is a concise set of recommendations regarding the price at which one or another digital coin needs to be purchased and at what rate it should be sold.

Why do you need us

Without paid forecasts and insider information, you cannot trade effectively. If an investor wants to consistently make money on cryptocurrency courses, then he has 2 ways - to start self-education or to use the help of professionals. The first option is long and difficult; only a few can afford it. The second is suitable for absolutely everyone.

Profitable proposition

Our offer is very beneficial. Whatever Space Signals tariff you choose, it will save you a lot of money. And that's why:

  • 1
    Subscriptions to the paid channels from which we receive signals cost us a total of more than $ 20,000 per month. Working with us, you pay hundreds of times less for this information.
  • 2
    We provide you with an extract of all exclusive news, the most valuable information. You do not need to spend time and effort yourself, processing data from dozens of sources every day. We regularly look for new signal providers and monitor those we are already working with. As soon as the channel loses its credibility, we stop using its forecasts.
  • 3
    In addition, you are provided with access to useful training materials and round-the-clock technical support, where you can consult on crypto trading 24/7.
In order to receive exclusive forecasts and secret information about upcoming pumps (temporary artificial pumping of a particular currency), you need to purchase a tariff package from us, the cost of which is approximately $ 45 per month. The longer the subscription, the less you pay. You can also buy lifetime access to our service.
It should be noted that not all paid signals are equally effective. Of the total volume of data obtained, we leave no more than 30%, and 70% always turns out to be useless slag. If you yourself subscribe to one source of those to which we are subscribed, then this is likely to be insufficient. But, even having bought access to several dozens of channels for + $ 20,000, can you spend 24 hours a day on analytical work, sorting information and looking for those 30% of profitable signals among a huge number of “idle” ones? The question is rhetorical.

Our Objectives

Our main goal is to enable everyone to effectively engage in cryptocurrency trading. The service was created so that for a small price you can get all the useful information about cryptocurrencies that many traders (including our team) now cost several orders of magnitude more.

And this is by no means all. Figuratively speaking, we not only provide a fishing rod for fishing, but also teach how to use it correctly. Project experts select for users the most relevant, easy-to-understand and informative training materials with which any beginner quickly turns into a professional trader.

Signals cannot guarantee 100% profit, because no one is allowed to see the future. This is a tool to significantly simplify market analysis. It must be used systematically, in conjunction with other analytical techniques and methods. And we will teach you how to do it. Focusing on information from closed sources, consultations from our experts and training materials, you will make profitable investments in at least 7 to 8 cases out of 10. And this, you see, is a lot.

The more people use the project, the stronger our community becomes. In fact, we can create a large international network of investors who, through joint actions, will influence the market as if they are one major player.

Join us, and over time, Space Signals will be able to purposefully influence the course of any cryptocurrency, and you will derive from this a thousand percent profit. Well, to get 80%, 100% or even 300% of your income right now, just rely on our signals, instructions and training materials.